An Ask Me Anything Style Webinar Series

Next Brunch: Thursday, February 11, 2020, 11am (Central Time)

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What’s New for the Next One?

“Feeling the Love”

February is the month of love. As meeting professionals, we try to point Cupid’s arrows at an event’s audience. We want them to love the program, love the speakers, and love the entire experience. Unfortunately, they may be feeling a little unloved lately. And we all get it. Long distance relationships are hard. Video conferences can only go so far. We want to climb to the tallest mountain top and proclaim our love for the audience, but internet connection is usually pretty sketchy on mountain tops.

So how can event professionals win back the hearts of audience members? Is the nearing promise of the return of in-person meetings enough to weather the storm? How do we woo those who are hesitant to run back to the warm embrace of an in-person meeting? And finally, how do we keep it spicy until that fateful day when we are reunited?

TLDR Version: We are talking about audience engagement.

Special Guest Nerd

Liz Lathan, CMP

CEO of Haute Dokimazo

Liz believes there’s nothing more valuable in an ever-more-disconnected world than engaging people face-to-face for collaboration, ideation, and experimentation to make us better professionals – and that’s okay if face-to-face has to mean on screen for now! Liz has led events and teams for National Instruments, Dell, GasPedal, IBM, and several nonprofit associations. Liz was nominated for the 2018 Event Marketer B-to-B Dream Team and was awarded the 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year from Smart Meetings. Liz is now living the dream with her unjob as not only CEO of Haute Dokimazo but also partner and Chief Experience Officer of Haute Companies, which includes Haute Dokimazo, Haute Rock CreativeHaute SpotHaute Rock Entertainment, and SwagHub.

What is Virtual Brunch with Actual Nerds?

This free webinar series, hosted by the Event Technologists at Attendee Management (AMi), explores the state of the meetings industry. We have found that the best way to keep our finger on the pulse is to discuss trends and ideas with the people that are actually doing it. Sometimes we bring in Guest Nerds with expertise on the topic. Sometimes we are the Nerds with expertise on the topic. We keep a very laid-back, conversational tone and invite as much participation from the attendees as possible. It’s fun, it’s informative, and it’s an excuse to drink mimosas on Thursday morning. Please join us!

The Usual Nerds

Christina Rasco, DES

As President of AMi, Christina is quickly becoming an expert in the Payroll Protection Plan and other small business disaster planning. Other fun, new hobbies include working from home with her new “coworkers” – her husband and two kids.

Jeff Rasco

With 35 years of experience in the meetings industry, Jeff has seen his share of ups and downs. As an event technology speaker and industry leader, he brings a level of unmatched expertise. (He also is well known for his bloody mary mixology.)

Jill Rasco, DES, CITP

Jill is the definition of a lifelong learner. Always excited to learn about new software and technology, over the past months she has spent hundreds of hours advancing her virtual meetings expertise. It would be virtually impossible to attend more virtual meetings about hosting virtual meetings as Jill.


Layton Rasco

With an extensive background attending in-person brunches, Layton hopes to be able to translate that knowledge into the virtual world. As moderator, he will guide conversations about business, virtual events, and life in general amid these unusual times.

Virtual Bouncer

Jennifer Smith

She may look sweet, but she’s quick on the draw. As virtual bouncer, Jennifer handles all the dirty work. She’ll post polls, monitor chats, and keep things orderly. Dogs barking? Mute. Lawn mowing? Mute. Keyboard clacking? Mute. Mute. Mute. Zoombombers? Don’t even try it.