Virtual Brunch with Actual Nerds – Episode 20


The Hybrid Sandwich – A tasty combination of live and recorded content.

I scream. You scream. We all scream for a cost-effective way to produce hybrid meetings. Follow this recipe by returning Guest Nerd, Cindy Y. Lo, CEO of RED VELVET to keep your audience hungry for more.

Start with some fresh baked buzz leading up to your event. Smear on the speaker interviews and/or hype videos of your choice. Next, pile high with excellent content and attendee experiences at the in-person event. Record and slice up that content to desired thickness and sprinkle over the days and weeks following the live event.  Leftover content can be stored for several weeks if kept cool.

Join us May 13 for more on the Hybrid Sandwich and other tantalizing creations with Cindy Lo.

Special Guest Nerd

Cindy Y. Lo


When Cindy Lo started RED VELVET 18 years ago, she did so with the mission to Outplan, Outplay and Outparty! RED VELVET is a boutique creative events and experiences agency helping global brands ideate, design and execute their vision since 2002. During this pandemic, she has pivoted their team to own the virtual and hybrid world. Cindy is a recent author of Behind the Red Velvet Curtain. Connect with RED VELVET on all the major social media channels (@RedVelvetEvents) to see behind the scenes of what event life is like at RED VELVET. Cindy calls Austin, Texas home with her husband of 16 years, their 2 children and Darwin their French Bull Dog (

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