Virtual Brunch with Actual Nerds – Episode 19


“In-Person Events Are Here. Get Ready.”

Do you miss actual human interaction but also love official rules and procedures? Well, we have the webinar for you! Everyone in the Events Industry cannot wait to start hosting in-person meetings again, and some of us are already doing it! However, we can’t just go willy-nilly into our germ-sharing ways of old. Oh no, no, no. We have new protocols!

Guest Nerd and veteran planner, Sally Mainprize, is fresh off an in-person meeting in New Orleans. We’ll ask her how she helped to keep the attendees safe and what in-person events look like *right* now. From travel to hotel to ballroom and back, Sally gives us a boots on the ground view of what to expect.

Special Guest Nerd

Sally Mainprize, SMMC, CRP, DES

Owner & Event Yoda
Iron Peacock Events

An event industry veteran with over 23 years experience, Sally is accustomed to leading event initiatives for large corporations like FedEx. Sally got her start in the trade show world, and after building a national program that resulted in new revenues in the 100’s of millions she was hooked! With certifications in Strategic Meetings Management, Return on Investment, and Digital Event Strategy, she and her team at Iron Peacock Events help businesses redefine their meeting and event strategies to successfully prove the value of events.
Sally’s from Texas by way of Missouri and claims the title, master of the perfectly boiled egg.