Virtual Brunch with Actual Nerds – Episode 4


Does production value even matter on a virtual meeting? Short answer…YES! 

Whether you are conducting a virtual conference, pitching a new idea to a client, or attending virtual networking functions, it never hurts to put a little thought into how that little box will look to everyone else. Virtual meetings are now a huge part of our lives. Many of us in the Events Industry are being asked to {don’t say “pivot”…don’t say “pivot”} turn on a fixed point and take our events into the digital realm.

Special guest nerd Michaelyne Escobar from Austin City Limits Live will give us a special “how to” for technical production. Learn what it takes to take your next virtual meeting to the level.

Michaelyne Escobar

Director of Private Events
Austin City Limits Live at The Moody Theater | 3TEN ACL Live

Michaelyne has extensive portfolio of skills, from sales and marketing, to technical and project management. With over 4 years in the technology market, focused on experiential marketing, her knowledge and expertise has allowed her to add value in a variety of different positions. Michaelyne has worked in Live Event Production for over 13 years. Her current role as Director of Private Events for ACL Live and 3TEN has allowed her the opportunity to showcase her leadership skills in addition to Media/Entertainment Sales and Marketing. Her free spirited personality and kind heart are what clients love the most! To relax Michaelyne enjoys spending time with her two daughters, watching football, and catching the latest live music show!